What are the Physical Requirements and Limitations of Liposuction?

Many people want to undergo liposuction in order to fix certain "problem spots" where they store fat. However, relatively few people understand exactly what the limitations of traditional liposuction are, and equally few people know what makes a person an ideal or even potential liposuction candidate.

Patients considering a liposuction should remember that liposuction are in fact a surgical procedure, and that any surgical procedure will put a certain strain on the body. A potential liposuction patient must be healthy enough to withstand this strain. People who have severe or chronic illnesses may not be healthy enough to undergo an elective surgery like liposuction. Diabetics and people who suffer severe lung problems frequently are at a higher risk of complications associated with liposuction.


Liposuction is also not intended as a solution for obesity, and it cannot remove all of the dangers associated with being overweight. Although liposuction removes surface fat and provides a more pleasing appearance, it cannot replace a healthy diet and regular exercise in supporting overall health.


There are even some cosmetic concerns that liposuction is not ideal at addressing. Traditional liposuction cannot effectively treat cellulite, although some studies suggest that new techniques such as water assisted liposuction and laser lipolysis can help with cellulite. Similarly, liposuction alone cannot eliminate saggy or loose skin, and it can actually exacerbate these problems. Problems with loose excess skin are especially common in patients over 40.


The ideal liposuction patient is generally healthy, has tight and elastic skin, and hasn't undergone surgery in the area where he or she is considering liposuction. The ideal liposuction patient is within 25 pounds of his or her ideal weight and doesn't experience drastic or frequent changes in weight. The ideal patient should also be stable psychologically and have realistic expectations of what liposuction can and can't achieve.


People considering liposuction should avoid smoking and drinking, and they should also try to eat healthily. Regular exercise can also help one's body become healthier and a more ideal candidate for liposuction.


Despite these limitations, a large percentage of the population are good candidates for liposuction. Liposuction can help these people to improve their appearance. The best way to learn more about liposuction and to discover if you are a possible candidate is to speak in depth with a surgeon. Brian Evans a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon offers best consultations. Dr. Brian Evans MD provides a good resource in discovering whether liposuction will help you meet your goals or not.


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