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Facelift is ideal for fighting aging signs and loss of skin elasticity causing sagging, drooping and crinkled skin on facial regions such as nasobial fold, crow's feet beside the eyes, fine lines on the forehead and chin. Facelift surgery involves removing tiny loose skin and tightening underlying muscles to achieve a more youthful and rejuvenated face that lasts a long time without appearance of any scarring. There are various types of facelift surgery, but the SMAS facelift is the newly introduced and most commonly sought after, which targets the cheeks, jowl and neckline to uplift the downward sagging appearance, as is the most symbolic aging sign.

Facial Liposuction is at large offered by plastic surgeons with the help of ultrasound or VASER Liposuction. The VASER probes use sophisticated blunt needle to treat delicate areas like the jowl and neck area, basically to reduce double chin appearance. The surgery works by inserting the specially designed blunt needle VASER cannula into the jawline, and dissolving the fat which is then drained out of the area with gentle aspiration. The surgical scar heals in about 10days and the appearance of the double chin reduces into a more defined jaw line within 2-4months.


Eyelid Surgery or Blepheroplasty is performed to either reduce bagginess or puffiness or both on either or both of upper and lower eyelids, another purpose include double eyelid surgery performed on candidates who have a single upper eyelid, most commonly individuals of Asian descent, to have a second crease, which may be aesthetically desirable to the candidate.


Nose Surgery or Rhynoplasty is aimed at repairing the structure and formation of the nose, for any accidental damages or any irregularities. The surgery works with the nose cartilage, tissues and sometimes bones to achieve a desirable result.


Brow Lifting focuses on the forehead region for reducing forehead lines and elevation. There are two major types of brow lifting one is the traditional way wherein the incisions are made close to the temples of the forehead and pulled upwards to lift the skin. The other option is endoscopic brow lift, which works with a scope--or tiny camera used in surgical purposes. The endoscope leads the way for the surgical instruments to do the necessary incision and excision much less invasively and with smaller incisions.


Ear Correction or Otoplasty is aimed at repairing the external ear in cases of prominent ears, cauliflower ears and several such aesthetic issues. The ear cartilage and skin is worked in specific incising and suturing techniques to fix prominent ears closer to the head or other structuring tactics to repair the overall formation of the external ears.


Mole Removal is simply done in an hour long procedure, where unwanted moles are removed permanently from the face or any other region. Manual as well as laser mole removal procedures are performed simultaneously.


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