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For some women, deciding to have breast augmentation is the easiest part of the process. Choosing the right size breast implant can take a little longer.

Let's face it: in a breast-obsessed society, bigger usually equates with better. But is it really? That depends on your individual taste, your body frame and type, and the "look" you're going for. The professional opinion of Dr. Brian Evans MD a board-certified plastic surgeon who's experienced in breast augmentation, coupled with realistic expectations on your part, can help ensure that you'll end up with the bustline you've always wanted.

The keyword here is YOU. Choose a size that makes YOU happy, not your spouse, significant other, family member or best friend. After all, you're the one who will be living with this decision.


Anatomy as Destiny — Still True?

There was a time, not so very long ago, when women lived with the breasts they developed naturally, whether they were happy with them or not. Short of wearing a padded bra, there wasn't a lot they could do to make up for a perceived deficiency in that department.


Those days are over.


Breast enhancement surgery (also known as augmentation mammaplasty) using saline or silicone breast implants make it possible for women to choose virtually any cup size they desire. It's wise, however, to temper such freedom of choice with a healthy measure of rational thinking, especially when you consider the investment in time, money and personal sacrifice that you'll be making.


Online breast augmentation communities are full of posts from women in the throes of "boob greed" who wish they had gone bigger. Preplanning on your part will go a long way to ensuring that when your breast augmentation experience is over, you'll be happy with the results.


Dr. Brian Evans Plastic Surgeon an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation can be invaluable in helping you decide how large you want to go. Dr. Brian Evans can evaluate your anatomy and take accurate measurements of your chest and breasts to determine the proper proportions for your frame. He will also take into account how lax, or loose, your skin is — an important consideration because, for an aesthetically pleasing augmentation, you must have enough tissue to cover the breast implants.


Forget A, B and C and Think cc

Although bra cups are sized A, B, C and up, breast implants are not. Welcome to the world of cubic centimeters, or cc for short.

Cubic centimeters are the metric volume measurement used to define the capacity of a breast implant. One cubic centimeter equals a milliliter, which is the volume measurement used in the medical world.

Breast implant sizes for both saline and silicone range from 120cc to 850cc. To give you some basis on which to compare sizes, the difference in volume between a 300cc implant and a 360cc implant is just two ounces.

Obviously, the breast size you start with will influence the implant size you choose. If you start as an A cup, you'll need more cc's to take you to a C cup than a woman who starts as a B cup.


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